Community Moderator Program

Thank you for your interest in joining the WeHeal volunteer Community Moderator Program! Community Moderators are a crucial component of the lifesaving power of patient communities, and essential to the WeHeal CrowdHealing Movement! Your participation and dedication to the participants in the communities you serve will give hope to millions whose lives have been afflicted by the topics of these communities. On behalf of the world community, we at the Eric Drew Foundation would like to sincerely thank you for your participation in this most important undertaking!


WeHeal Community Moderators are responsible for the essential aspects of community management which include:

  1. Overseeing the effort to recruit new members to the community through word of mouth, social media, and direct invitation.
  2. Facilitating conversation in the community by welcoming new members, letting them know that the WeHeal team is here to help, and finding out what their immediate needs are. It will be important to encourage patients to share their treatment experiences, especially focusing on what worked and what didn’t, and what side effects they suffered from their treatment. Please also encourage other members of the community to give their feedback and respond to general inquiries from other members.
  3. Posting relevant articles and content on new technologies and treatments, and facilitating conversation about this content. If you see an interesting article or hear an amazing story on TV, post a link to it in the community and start a discussion about it.  Ask individual participants what they think about the story and if they have any feedback.  Locate people who have information and feedback about the new subject and invite them to join the conversation.
  4. Finally, you will need to moderate and police the community to keep out the bad stuff. Deleting bogus posts and reporting rude users, offensive language, spammers, advertisers, or any inappropriate content so that WeHeal can pull that user’s membership as quickly as possible, and you can go on to helping the members of the community.


WeHeal Community Moderators are not required to commit to a specific amount of time per week. However, it is important that you check in periodically (at least once a day depending on traffic) to greet new members, respond to inquiries, post new content and make sure there is nothing posted in the community that conflicts with the WeHeal Code of Conduct. (spam, advertisements, rude or inappropriate material etc.) We estimate that approximately three hours per week will be sufficient to maintain the duties stated above, but of course the more time and energy you put in, the more you will be able to assist the people of the community and make a difference. If you as a Moderator need a leave of absence for any reason, we ask that you find a volunteer to take your place for the time you are absent.


We are dedicated to bringing the best value to each WeHeal community, as well as providing the framework for each community to expand to it greatest potential. We understand that as these communities grow into large networks of patients and advocates, the volunteer moderator job may become more involved and require more attention than a volunteer may be able to manage. We are constantly thinking about this and will address these issues as they arise. We believe that the natural leaders within a community will stand out and take over leading the community and the conversations within, and therefore it may be necessary to have two or even several “Co-Moderators” for each community that will work together. Once we have 3 or more moderators, this will be considered a WeHeal Community Oversight Committee, which will function as the moderator of that community. This structure is a fluid and evolving process, and we welcome your input and feedback on how we can structure change as individual communities grow.


Community Moderators will have leadership opportunities as the Community Oversight Committees form. (see section above on committee formation). Once a community builds a considerable membership, a Community Oversight Committee will be formed to meet regularly (via online conference) and work together to maximize the reach and value of the community. The committee will strategize on how to build out this community to reach patients all around the world, provide more localized content, and also coordinate research to ensure that the complete universe of treatment options for this community are considered and discussed on WeHeal. The Committees will also be tasked with disseminating and aggregating the information that is shared in the community (feedback on treatments and side effects etc.) and summarizing this information for the benefit of the community members.


As a WeHeal Community Moderator, you can choose to lead groundbreaking projects such as produce video patient interviews and short documentaries on your community subject. You could coordinate interviews for patients, medical professionals, doctors, hospitals, naturopathic doctors, Chinese medicine doctors and or whoever has experience and feedback to give on that community topic. This will be an amazing vehicle to expose new treatments, or even very old treatments that have been around for centuries but were overlooked or have not been acknowledged by western medicine. Let’s discuss all treatment options for this community subject, interview and get feedback from as many patients as possible about their experience with these treatments, and find out what is working best. The goal is for the best treatments to rise to the top of the conversation, and be visible to all patients around the world!

We will be designing award programs for “Best WeHeal Documentary” and “Best Patient Interview”, and will eventually have WeHeal conventions where the producers and directors of these interviews and documentaries will be featured and awarded. This is a great opportunity for your aspiring students in the production world to get real life experience and make a name for themselves!


WeHeal Community Moderators will be featured at upcoming WeHeal conferences, and will have the opportunity to promote their specific community and its activities. For student volunteers, this is an amazing opportunity to gain experience in organizing a presence at a trade show or business conference, experience that will benefit them greatly in the professional world! We are now looking into hosting WeHeal Conferences, both nationally and regionally, where community leaders will be featured and recognized.


WeHeal is now designing awards programs for all of our volunteers, including an annual award structure for WeHeal Community Moderators who:

  1. Grow the largest communities by numbers
  2. Have the highest member feedback ratings
  3. Have documented the most successful patient outcomes due to WeHeal advocacy
  4. Produced the most video interviews with patients or professionals
  5. Produced the highest rated WeHeal short documentary

Prizes and awards will include featured recognition, video interviews, vacation travel, plaques, and press releases to the media announcing your accomplishments. We are open to suggestions as we develop these programs.
Thank you again for your dedication and effort! We hope that being a WeHeal Community Moderator is as rewarding as it is important to all the patients and families out there who are struggling with a medical diagnosis!

In Community Spirit,

Eric R. Drew

Founder and Chariman
Eric Drew Foundation /