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 Eric Drew, Founder of the “Crowdhealing Movement” at WeHeal.org

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Eric is an internationally recognized speaker, writer, spokesperson, and consumer and medical advocate.  He is the founder of the “CrowdHealing Movement” at WeHeal.org, as well as a leukemia and stem cell transplant survivor, Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and angel investor.

At the podium, Eric captures and inspires by using the lessons learned from his miraculous survival from a “terminal” leukemia to inspire and empower others to take charge of their lives, stay focused on their intentions, and rise above the limitations put on us by society, and a medical system that often puts other priorities above the individual. His story has been featured on Dateline NBC, Montel, Geraldo, CNN, ABC, NBC, and Fox News, and in most major news publications in the US and around the world.  Through tyhe foundation formed in his name by the Silicon Valley community, Eric has become an international medical advocate and expert on patient strategy and research techniques.  Eric also won a major victory for the American people in landmark legal fight against the US Banking industry, regarding their complicit role in the identity theft epidemic.  He was also the first person to force a federal criminal conviction under HIPAA, the patient privacy law, after catching a hospital worker stealing his identity while undergoing cancer treatment.

His remarkable life chain of events began as an infant, when he was given to the State of Texas at birth in the midst of a devastating hurricane that demolished the South Texas coast. As an adopted child with no full siblings, Eric’s struggle for survival hinged on finding a full bone marrow match,  but he did attempt two marrow transplants using his half siblings in cutting-edge half-match bone marrow transplant attempts. Unfortunately these procedures failed, but it kept him alive long enough to figure out what to do next.

Given but a few months to live and faced with no options after consulting every major medical center in the country, Eric refused to give up, and began working with doctors in Europe and Asia to learn about the latest treatment technologies.  Through relentless research and networking with other patients and doctors around the world, he finally found this “needle in the haystack” treatment that eventually saved his life.  In 2004, Eric Drew became one of the first adults in the world to receive a stem cell transplant from the umbilical cords of newborn babies!  Eric is now miraculously cured, and has female blood form the umbilical chord from a newborn baby girl, found in a small blood bank in Milan Italy.

Eric is a former VP of several Silicon Valley enterprise software companies, dotcoms and banking firms, a high school football quarterback, runway model, and concert producer.  He is currently serving as chairman and spokesperson of the foundation, and continues to appear as a keynote speaker at conferences around the world and as an expert guest on a variety of high profile talk shows.  He has written numerous articles, blogs and posts which have been featured in national periodicals such as Huffington Post, Yahoo News, MSN and many more.  Of course, as a dedicated patient advocate, Eric continues to save lives and consult serious and terminally ill patients and their families.

For more information, and to book Eric as a speaker for your event or conference, please contact info@WeHeal.org or call 408-607-DREW (3739).