WeHeal TV Videos

Eric Drew on WeHeal.org in 2017 Public Service Announcement

Eric talks about the benefits of WeHeal.org and how we can help with life and death decisions with our patient advocacy and consultations.


Eric Drew on volunteerism for San Jose Jr. League awards ceremony

At it’s 48th Annual Volunteer Recognition luncheon, San Jose Jr. League recognized volunteers for extraordinary work in the community. As one of the 2017 Crystal Bowl winners Eric was recognized for his accomplishments. This video summarizes Eric’s work in the community.

New Release! Eric Drew On The Security Brief – Hospital Identity Scams

Paul Viollis, host of “The Security Brief”, interviews Eric Drew and his mother Cindy regarding their horrifying experience with identity theft while Eric was fighting for his life in a Seattle hospital! Eric tells his story and a discussion ensues on how to protect your identity while undergoing medical care.

Eric Drew – Miracle of Medicine

NBC15 report from Leigh Mills on Eric Drew

Brave Patient Sheds Light on New Stem Cell Treatment

You have heard the debate surrounding stem cell research, but a Houston man who has benefited from it says his treatment is non-controversial and can be used to help cure dozens of life-threatening diseases. FOX 26’s Sally MacDonald reports.

Eric Drew on Dateline NBC

The story of Eric’s battle with Leukemia and the struggle for his life. While he was down and out, his identity was stolen and Eric fought another battle as a detective to find the criminal responsible.

The Big Idea

Feature about Eric Drew on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch

Eric Drew on Montel – Stem Cells – ViaCord

Eric Drew on Montel talking about Stem Cells and ViaCord

NPR Interview – Eric Drew

For the rest of this video, go to:

Eric Drew on Success

“Eric on Success” – to the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Jacksonville FL Nov 2006

NWA Interview with Eric Drew

A recent talk show interview in Seattle.

WeHeal TV will allow every member of a WeHeal Community to share their stories by video, interview patients and medical professionals, and submit any type of self-made informational documentary from their mobile phones. 

Every topic and community on WeHeal will have a unique video “channel” (there are approx. 400 topics now) and will allow patients with every type of disease and from all backgrounds around the globe to submit their feedback and treatment experiences by video from their mobile phones. 

WeHeal Speaker’s Bureau will feature speakers who have made an impact in global medicine or are leading treatment technologies for a particular subject, as well as patients and advocates who have unique and inspiring stories to tell.  These talks will be recorded and shared on WeHeal the TV Channels that are relevant to the speaker.

The Eric Drew Foundation has been working on this project for 13 years and is dedicated to raising the quality of medical care globally by empowering people with information and non-biased feedback from a community of other patients.  WeHeal Video will be a powerful tool in maximizing the impact and reach of our educational efforts.  By using video to educate the community, consumers will either demand the latest greatest technology, or the 2000 year old eastern treatment that statistically is having much better results than the treatments offered by western technology.  Either way, it will become more clear to everyone what is working and what is not, and medicine will be more transparent to the world.