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    Conclusions: Increased intestinal permeability after gliadin exposure occurs in all individuals. Following gliadin exposure, both patients with gluten sensitivity and those with active celiac disease demonstrate a greater increase in intestinal permeability than celiacs in disease remission. A higher concentration of IL-10 was measured in the…[Read more]

    • Eric Drew replied

      Thanks Dr. Brad! This article is pretty technical. Is Gliadin a new medication?

      • Brad West ND replied

        Gliadin is the group of gluten proteins. Think of it as synonymous with a gluten which is in barley, rye, some oats, spelt and wheat, only,

        • Eric Drew replied

          Thank you! Learn something new every day! So this article is referring to the mechanism of Gluten (Gliadin) sensitivity, that it causes excess permeability in intestines etc?

          • Brad West ND replied

            The conclusion of the study is that 100% of people tested no matter who they were had damage to their intestines with one Porten exposure.

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