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If you are a cancer patient, we have a special offer for you!

Submit your case and receive lifesaving information about the latest treatments and clinical trials for your specific diagnosis. This is a one on one private consultation with an advocate at our partner organization, Click Below to get started!


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About Free Cancer Consultations on WeHeal

WeHeal offers a variety of patient services, including a general strategy discussion with a WeHeal representative, a “Treatment and Clinical Trial Consult” with professional cancer advocates through one of our partner organizations, and specialty consults to research “Clinical Trial Options” for some specific cancer types, such as for blood and bone marrow cancers (Leukemia / Lymphoma etc). If you are a patient, or an advocate for a patient, and are ready to receive your free “Treatment and Clinical Trial Consult” from our advocates at Cancer Commons, please click on the link above to open their “ASK” form.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Please fill out the “ASK Cancer Commons” form with as much detail as you can, attach any scans or recent lab reports that you have, and submit. You will first receive an automated reply which you much respond to get your consult started. After this you will receive an email from a personal advocate who will communicate with you one on one, privately, about your treatment and clinical trial options. Often they will send you clinical trial listings, as well as the names and numbers of the top physicians conducting the latest and most advanced trials. This is not a consult for “alternative, unproven, or 100% natural remedies”, unless these therapies have been though scientific process and have been proven to work. This consult will focus on educating you on your options for the most effective and proven methods of treatment for your cancer, but will not specifically “recommend” a course of treatment for you.

Although this is a private consultation between you and the advocate, we would very much appreciate if you would remove any personal information and share the results with others, either by posting the email you receive in the appropriate WeHeal Community, or copying us at The information you receive could help save the lives of many other patients with the same diagnosis, and sharing this information is the essence of CrowdHealing at! “Alone, We Struggle! Together, We Heal!” – Eric Drew / Founder