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About The WeHeal Foundation

The WeHeal Foundation, aka The Eric Drew Foundation, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit CrowdHealing network for patients, advocates and medical professionals. We provide information and tools to support patients, their families and loved ones as they navigate through a serious disease, debilitating condition, healing process or lifestyle of prevention.

“Alone we struggle,
together WeHeal!”

-WeHeal Founder,
Eric Drew

Latest Activity

  • Eric Drew posted an update in the group Acute Myeloid Leukemia

    My buddy Dan, who is in LA and a patient of City of Hope, is getting ready for an amazing bone marrow transplant from an generous unrelated and unknown donor form Spain! Staring non September 11th 2015 Dan will begin his transformation and rebirth! Anyone out there who has been diagnosed with AML, please make sure you are seen at a major…[Read more]

    • Jeff Jones replied

      /Eric – Can you give me Dan’ number?

      • Eric Drew replied

        Dan is a patient so I would have to ask his permission to share his contact info. What do you want to contact him for?