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Welcome to WeHeal Advocate Networks

Millions of people around the world are being diagnosed with the same serious and terminal diseases every day, and until now all of them have struggled to reinvent the wheel and figure everything out on their own, in parallel with each other. Only the luckiest patients stumble on the best doctors and find the few facilities that have the best quality care and most advanced treatments available for their particular disease. Most patients stumble around on the internet and get a couple of opinions from local doctors, and often by the time they figure out what they really needed from the start, it’s much too late. [show_more more=”Show More” less=”Show Less” color=”#0066CC” list=”»”]
With WeHeal Communities, patients and families, advocates, caregivers, and professionals can join together and learn from each other’s knowledge and experience. Having a sympathetic, knowledgeable, impartial, and motivated network of people at your disposal is the most valuable tool that a patient can have! With a network of other people including those who have already been in your shoes, you will now have access to unbiased and non-profit motivated information on treatments, strategy, medications, and whatever else a patient needs to know.

Every major hospital and cancer treatment center in the US had told me that nothing could be done for me and that I was 100% terminal with only months to live. However, I noticed an underlying theme in the information I was being given. No doctor or hospital recommended or even mentioned any treatments that they did not offer. Therefore, what they were really telling me was not that nothing could be done, but simply that they could not do anything. By remaining optimistic and utilizing my vast network of contacts that I had developed working around the world, I was able to locate and arrange the elusive needle in the haystack experimental stem cell transplant that eventually saved my life. Now with WeHeal.org Communities, you too will be able to maximize your chances of finding that elusive new breakthrough treatment. You are not alone. Together, we will heal each other.

One of the best sources of information for anyone struggling with a medical diagnosis are the people they are connected to. If you happen to live next to a major medical center, you may know several doctors, nurses, or hospital administrators. If not, you probably know people who do. However, If you live in a rural area, your social network may not have access to a vast numbers of medical professionals to call on for information. WeHeal.org communities will help level the playing field and give everyone the opportunity to network with other patients and medical professionals around the world who can all add valuable information and perspective.

It is a sad reality that medical professionals, by definition, are in the business of medicine, and will therefore recommend the treatments they offer and have at their disposal.

There is an old saying, not what you know, it’s who you know. WeHeal.org and The Eric Drew Foundation understand that you acquire much of what you know, through who you know.[/show_more][/ezcol_2third_end][ezcol_divider]