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One of my morning patient calls today was with a young man fighting metastatic colon cancer. He has been through major surgery to extract over a foot of his colon and 45 lymph nodes in the immediate area. He is now examining his options for the next phase of treatment and wanted my help to organize this search and sort through the mounds of information on the internet. Working with him, we were able to break down colon cancer treatments into three main categories.READ MORE

Our Mission is to Give Hope, Save Lives and Reduce Suffering !

WeHeal is a free resource!  It is a place where patients, doctors, medical advocates  and professionals can share stories and information about the latest treatments and discuss what is really working and what isn’t.

Join us in creating the largest patient / advocate communities in the world for each disease and medical topic!   Simply register (here) then search the index (here) to join specific communities and conversations.

Our goal is to save lives and resources by expediting patients to the latest and most effective treatments possible.  How will we do this?  The answer is simple.  Together!   Together, we will raise the level of medicine globally by creating organized “think tank” communities to examine where treatments and research are going, and what is working best for the patients and what isn’t.  Only by creating these communities in a non-profit environment solely for their philanthropic benefit, can we insure that the conversation is about “what is best for the patient” and not some other profit, competitive, or ego driven agendas.

ERIC’S PERSONAL TESTIMONIAL – WHY ITS IMPORTANT TO ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF “When I was diagnosed with a “terminal” cancer and sent immediately to one of the top medical centers in the world, I didn’t want to hear about statistics because I was so confident and optimistic that I was going to do well and survive my cancer  regardless.  I also trusted that the medical “system” had my back and was going to look out for my best interest.

The problem was that I was operating under the same false assumptions which most people have about medicine before they have dealt with a serious diagnosis.  I knew that thousands of people get this same disease and that doctors have been treating it for a very long time, so I assumed there must be a well known “best way forward” or “standard of care” to treat my condition.  This assumption could not have been more false.  With almost every disease, there are a large variety of different treatment options for every type of illness there is, and some of these treatments have very different and sometimes conflicting objectives than what I had in mind for myself.

It was also false to assume that the primary objective in giving me medical treatment was to do treatments that had the best possible chances of curing me.  Each hospital has agendas and each  doctor has their agenda.  Many medical centers are also medical schools, so the students have their own agendas.  The pharma companies have their agendas as well as the equipment, lab, and testing companies.  It is important to understand that most of them make money by DOING PROCEDURES, developing new drugs, conducting clinical trials, and on and on, not necessarily by curing patients!  Even though you may be seeing the best doctors with the best intentions, the agendas of medical professionals can be very different from that of the patient’s and clear open communication and transparency is crucial.

As a patient it is up to you to determine which is the best treatment option for you, and then find the best possible professional to do that treatment.  By building the largest network of patients, professionals and advocates in the world, WeHeal.org aims to put the power of knowledge and resources  into the hands of the patient, the average person whose agenda is simply to be “cured”, or recover from their disease with as little damage as possible, and go on with their lives.”   Eric Drew

WeHeal.org will now provide anyone confronted with a serious or terminal illness with an advocate in the form of a turnkey support network and a place to seek up to date treatment information from others around the world who have the same diagnosis and are fighting the same fight!

By bringing patients together, we hope to create a landscape that will empower people to become proactive in all areas their lives and a vehicle for those who are passionate about helping others. By encouraging the sharing of information on things like new less invasive treatments and medications, we hope to change the way that medical technologies are being developed and drive that demand from the patient’s perspective, not simply by what is going to be most profitable for a large corporation. WeHeal.org is the beginning of medicine by the patient, for the patient!

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Just registering on WeHeal shows your support and helps us greatly, but please also consider helping us achieve our goal of saving one million lives in five years by raising only $1 million. That’s one dollar per life, so when you are donating just imagine how many lives you will save! Please Help Us Save Lives and Support Our Effort NOW! Click HERE

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“Eric Drew was told by every major medical center in the US that he was 100% terminal and that nothing could be done. He refused to accept this in spite of the odds, and fought to find the treatment that saved his life while fighting for others as well! He is not only a leukemia (ALL) survivor, but one the first adults in the world to survive a stem cell transplant from the umbilical cord of a newborn baby. Eric now has the blood of a baby girl, and his miraculous survival in the face of such odds has inspired millions. He is a keynote speaker, writer, entrepreneur and consumer and medical advocate. Eric has been featured on many TV and radio shows including, CNN, NPR, Montel Williams, Dateline NBC, Geraldo,“The Big Idea” with Donny Deutsche, FOX News, ABC News and more, as well as in hundreds of publications including New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and Discover Magazine. His story continues to gain momentum in the international press, and tens of thousands look to Eric and his story for inspiration and hope. READ MORE
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