About The WeHeal Foundation

Our Mission – “To Give Hope, Save Lives and Reduce Suffering – by Facilitating Optimal Medical Solutions for Every Patient!”

The term “CrowdHealing” refers to Crowd Sourcing Medical Solutions. Our goal is to facilitate optimal medical outcomes by providing information and resources to help identify the optimal treatment for an individual case! Too many patients receive inadequate and often substandard treatment when there are amazing new solutions available. Our goal is to create equal access to the latest technologies and breakthroughs by making this information available and transparent!

To create equal access to the most advanced treatments, it is crucial that we create equal access to information about what advanced treatments exist. WeHeal is a hub of medical information and patient services focused on getting people to the optimal treatment for their individual case. Medicine has become very complex and compartmentalized. To give a patient the best chance at an optimal outcome, it is crucial that patients, their doctors and their designated advocates get all the information possible on their treatment options! Without knowing all the possible options, how can one evaluate which one is best?

For cancer patients especially, time is critical, and so is having plans B, C and D lined up and ready to go in case plan A (The standard treatment offered by your hospital and doctor) does not work. Unfortunately this situation happens more often than we would like to think, and the doctors and hospital staff do not have time to do research and advocate for you and find out what you should do next, especially if there is nothing else that hospital has to offer.

Many cancer patients deteriorate beyond help while waiting for someone to figure out what to do if standard treatment does not work. Even with chronic ailments, the task of identifying the optimal course of action is often difficult for patients and their doctors who have limited resources they can give to each individual patient. The technology is now here to allow us to come together, pick through the noise, combine the resources provided by dozens of organizations, and start making treatments options more transparent! WeHeal is here for you and your loved ones, and we will do everything we can to make sure you get the information and support you need to find the optimal doctors, facilities, and treatments for your specific case.

Please check out our “CrowdHealing” platform with over 600 individual advocate and discussion communities focused on specific diseases, types of cancer, and important medical, health, and wellness topics. Our long term goal is to bring doctors, researchers and advocates together in these communities and create a grass roots demand for the latest most effective treatments. Join as many communities as you like, share info with others, ask questions, and get the answers and support you need!

“Alone, We Struggle! Together, We Heal!”

– Eric Drew – Founder

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