Recently Diagnosed ?


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If you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with a serious or potentially terminal illness…



You are probably in shock, and the gravity of the situation is just beginning to sink in. Your thoughts are probably racing around from jumbled panic to denial, to the false hope that you will blink your eyes and wake up to find that this is all a bad dream! There are probably a million questions swirling through your mind, mixed with intense emotions such as fear, despair, anger, sadness, resentment, guilt, blame, and possibly feelings of victimization and injustice. Hopefully you will also feel an intense appreciation for all the things in life that until now you may have taken for granted, number one being your health!

The first recommendation we will make is to be easy on yourself. Avoid beating yourself up and stay away from blame. Try not to let your mind focus on negative thoughts as this will be counter-productive and can only make the situation, and your health, much worse. Of course if you are normal you will be worried, but do what you can not to let your mind race with worry. If you feel severe anxiety or panic coming on, do whatever is necessary to breathe deeply and center yourself.

Try using meditation or yoga, and learn breathing techniques to control your heart rate. Self-hypnosis, visualization, and mindfulness are practices that have been proven quite effective in controlling stress and anxiety.

We know that a diagnosis like this is a major loss! A loss of health, a loss of freedom, a loss of innocence, a loss of security and well-being, and most importantly it can be a loss of your entire identity. We have been there and now how devastating this can be, but just like in any potentially life-threatening situation, panic is your enemy and can only make the problem worse.

It is important that you do not let these negative emotions consume you. There is hope! There is always hope! Regardless of what you may have heard or been told, there is always something that can be done, and we are here to help you find the most advanced treatments and achieve the best possible outcome for your medical treatment!