WeHeal Student Internship Program

The WeHeal Foundation has initiated a student internship program to engage healthcare focused students around the world. Students are always looking for ways to set themselves apart from their peers and add experiences to their CV’s. Working with WeHeal will give them invaluable experience and learning opportunities. Students will be assigned to network with top researchers and advocate organizations, work as a structured team to consolidate information and resource for patients, and facilitate, moderate, and promote the activities of specific WeHeal advocate communities. WeHeal is currently working with medical students and nursing programs to circulate applications and assign interns to specific WeHeal communities and other projects.

With a relatively small staff to oversee and structure assignments for these teams of student volunteers, WeHeal is positioned to have a massive impact by saving lives and improving medical outcomes with limited budget resources. Just like any non-profit, Weheal does need funding to hire qualified professionals to facilitate and oversee this intern program.


[ezcol_1quarter]toniganaway[/ezcol_1quarter][ezcol_3quarter_end]Toni Ganaway – Internship Program Director. Toni Ganaway is a Certified Clinical Research Professional who holds a bachelor’s degree and plans to complete her master’s degree in Research at Johns Hopkins University in 2020. Toni has personally experienced the deep pain caused by cancer, strokes, diabetes, and heart disease within both her immediate and extended family. After witnessing many love ones die from cancer and suffer from chronic disease Toni has dedicated her life to finding better treatments and cures for such diseases. Toni has assisted in more than 20 different research/clinical trial studies to improve patients’ outcomes and medical treatments as a Clinical Research Assistant and Coordinator at Stanford, Veteran Affairs Palo Alto, University of California, San Francisco, and San Francisco General Hospitals. Toni now serves as the WeHeal Internship Program Director. She hopes to develop a strong internship volunteer program, extent and increase patient and community outreach efforts, connect more patients, communities, and healthcare experts, provide and disseminate more medical treatments, care information, and resources, and advocate for patients, communities, and their families. [/ezcol_3quarter_end]


[ezcol_1quarter]Carlson Teke[/ezcol_1quarter][ezcol_3quarter_end]Carlson Teke – Administrative Intern. Carlson Teke is a healthcare administration and business management major at Salisbury University approaching his final semester of college. Carlson has hopes of one day becoming the CEO of a major hospital as well as opening up his own urgent care clinics and retired living facilities all over America. Born and Raised in Cameroon West Africa, Carlson has witnessed how much of an effect having meager healthcare and medical delivery system can have on a people. His ultimate goal is to improve the quality of healthcare and treatments available to the people of Cameroon by opening up hospitals in different regions of the country. Having worked and volunteered in different fields, he most enjoys the ability to learn something new from each area of work or volunteer activity that he partakes in. He is motivated by engaging in multiple levels of an organization towards identifying areas of opportunity to position solutions. He believes that connectivity and team work are the most important aspects of any successful organization and that is what he hopes to bring to the WeHeal family.[/ezcol_3quarter_end]


[ezcol_1quarter]raineek[/ezcol_1quarter][ezcol_3quarter_end]Rainee Khabagnote – Student Intern. Rainee Khabadnote completed her Bachelor’s in Psychology at UC Irvine. Having the opportunity to be raised by an immigrant family and teenage parents, she experienced the health consequences of making decisions based in the light of scarcity. She was inspired by the vigor and grit of those who faced chronic diseases such as anxiety disorders, Alzheimer’s, and MS. After working in the field of patient coordination and clinical research, Rainee found a love for preventative, family, and sports medicine and hopes to apply to medical school in the upcoming years where she can continue her education and extend her outreach to serving communities in need.[/ezcol_3quarter_end]


[ezcol_1quarter]mrmofor[/ezcol_1quarter][ezcol_3quarter_end]Mike-Ryan Mofor – Student Intern. Mike-Ryan Mofor is a junior biology major at Salisbury University. His family is originally from Cameroon, West Africa but he was raised in Prince George’s County, MD. Mike is interested in healthcare administration and policy. In the future he hopes to work on changing the disparity in health policies that impact minorities and other groups. Mike’s knowledge, ability and experience so far at school and at his prior internships will allow him to gain as much as he can from WeHeal Foundation experience. Mike is motivated by his drive to learn from any experience and being as competitive as he is, Mike likes to make sure his work is done to the best of his abilities.[/ezcol_3quarter_end]