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Patient Strategy and Resource Center


Knowledge is Power. Become an Expert in Your Disease.

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Recently Diagnosed ?

Things Every Patient Should Know.



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Patient Strategy and Resource Center

With hard and extensive research and networking, Eric Drew was able to beat the odds and find the elusive stem cell transplant that saved his life. Since then, Eric has shared his knowledge and treatment strategies, bringing hope to thousands of patients around the world. Through one on one counseling, he has successfully saved and extended the lives of countless others. This Patient Strategy and Resource Center is the culmination of that work, and the input of hundreds of medical professionals and advocates. Now these strategies and research techniques are available to you!

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This Resource Center is broken down into two areas. The first focuses on strategies that worked for Eric and many other patients that have been through a serious or terminal diagnosis. Some of these strategies may seem simple or even common sense, but when someone is in shock and dealing with a new diagnosis, even the most simple things can be overlooked. Other strategies focus on things like mind-set and attitude, which is a crucial component to being successful at any endeavor. Some of the top physicians and psychiatric specialists have contributed to this project, and we hope you find it an essential tool in your struggle.

The other section, RESEARCH, is essentially a portal if links and disease specific information with guides to help you search and sort through the vast amounts of data available. Being an expert in your disease is essential to achieving the best possible outcome, and it is our goal to assist you in becoming the most knowledgeable expert you can possibly be.

We are constantly adding more valuable information and resources, and are striving to make this service the “go-to” portal for patient resources. Your feedback and suggestions, as well as links to videos and articles, would be greatly appreciated by all. “Together, we can heal each other!” -Eric Drew[/show_more][/ezcol_2third_end][ezcol_divider]