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    Eric, I couldn’t see what I was writing responding in the thread.

    I first learned about Nascent Iodine from my massage therapist. I had tried iodine but Nascent Iodine is unbonded and that’s why it’s of greater response for some people.

    I’ve spent a year studying the iodine. I quickly learned best results include enough selenium which you can get from 6-8 Brazil nuts. The B2 and B3 info is from article link below which recommends same for CFS/ME.

    – one note: with the Nascent Iodine you need much less iodine. In fact, a protocol I found suggests 3mg daily for 1 year and then you can take less and see how you do. I continue to take 3mg because the Nascent Iodine protects us from endocrine disrupters, Mercury, lead, radiation. The specific endocrine disrupters are the siblings of iodine: fluoride, bromine and chloride (halides family) plus the cousins within the halogen family which are halides with one or more carbon atoms added.


    • Eric Drew replied

      Thank you Genevieve this is great information. I hope others will come here and testify to how this has effected them as well, and I wonder what other indications it would be useful for?