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    What would you like to share with me about pain relievers?

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    I would like to ask the community if anyone has found anything new over the last 5 years that can help shrink the prostate to help frequent urination at night. I have read articles over the past 10 years that talk about natural supplements but with very little proof that they actually work. I don’t want to take medications because of the effect…[Read more]

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      Thanks 007 for the question! From myself and feedback from others, The things I have noticed that work best are natural. Frequent exercise (see article above) Lots of fluids and regular vitamin supplements to keep things flushing, limit alcohol consumption (if you do drink – drink lots fluids as alcohol causes inflammation) generally staying…[Read more]

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    We have found two pain relievers that have finally helped by wife with her Sciatica pain which has been going on for over 15 years. I hope this information can help you and others.

    Traumeel is produced in Germany by a company that specializes in herbal natural medications. You can check it out online and read about the ingredient and how it is…[Read more]

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